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In a world without hope, people walk around with no real reason for living. Despair is evident in the faces of the people and Christmas is a thing of the past. That is until a young girl named Mack invents a time machine and accidentally travels back in time and discovers the Christmas Spirit. She convinces a group of friends that this holiday cheer could make all the difference and they set off on a journey through time in the search for Christmas. Along their way, they meet Santa Claus who acts as a guide, introducing them to Ebenezer Scrooge, and eventually Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. Their journey is not without its problems, including one traveler’s decision to sabotage the mission, a dangerous stop in an unknown place and the struggle of each character as he or she wrestles with coming to know God and His purpose for their lives. Eventually, the travelers find the real meaning of Christmas in the little town of Bethlehem and bring the message back to the people of their time.

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