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From the 1960s to the 1970s a young band made up of a group of friends trying to make it big, audition for a record producer and cut a deal. The band, made up of Mark, the lead singer, Rich, the bass player, Charlie, the drummer and Mike and Ricky, the guitar players, are flying high with the prospect of fame and fortune. However, Rich is high on more than just success. His demise is on the horizon as he sinks further and further into drug abuse and depression; a high that was once fun turns evil, leading him to a very dark place. At the same time a preacher named Gordon and his wife Karen try to reach the community with the love of God. Gordon delivers God’s message to the people and Linda, Rich’s sister, hears it one night. When she comes home and tells her brother the news, he freaks out. However, one dark night, Rich, in need of hope and sensing there’s something more out there, discovers that he, just like Linda, must make a decision to change his life. Once he does, everything changes and he eventually teams up with Gordon to do the work of the Lord. Rich learns that the important thing about running through the fire is to not be consumed, but transformed.

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