• December 2009 - The Search for Christmas, Lighthouse's first original musical, debuts at Saint John Vianney High School in Holmdel, NJ

  • June 2010 - Running Through the Fire makes its debut nearly 40 years after the true story that inspired the original musical 

  • December 2010 - The Search for Christmas returns to the stage with many original cast members and a revised script including three new songs 

  • June 2011 - Running Through the Fire makes its return to the stage  

  • December 2011 - The Search for Christmas returns for the third time with an exciting new finale

  • April 2012 - Ransomed debuts as the third original Lighthouse Production

  • December 2012 - The Search for Christmas returns for the fourth year in a row with a revamped cast

  • June 2013 - Running Through the Fire makes a comeback for the third time with new songs, new scenes and upgraded set

Rachel Ryan of Lighthouse Productions
Russ Scalzo of Lighthouse Productions
Stephanie Terry of Lighthouse Productions
Nick Shevchenko of Lighthouse Productions
Jim Bova of Lighthouse Productions
Lee Anne Stone of Lighthouse Productions
Chris Colletti of Lighthouse Productions

Rachel Ryan

Russ Scalzo


Stephanie Terry

Nick Shevchenko

Jim Bova


Lee Anne Stone


Chris Colletti


  • President & Co-founder

  • Songwriter & Co-author

  • Music Director

  • VP & Co-founder

  • Author

  • Show Director

  • Technical Director

  • Treasurer

  • Marketing & Promotions Coordinator

  • Webmaster

  • Trustee

  • Set Supervisor

  • House & Hospitality Coordinator

  • Trustee

  • Pit Band Member

  • Secretary

  • Stage Manager

  • Trustee

  • Pit Band Member

  • Band leader

Lighthouse Productions began its journey late in 2009 when a father and daughter decided to team up and venture out on their own. Russ and Rachel had worked together on other projects, including directing and acting in productions with The Good Foot Players. They had also tried their hand at writing, directing and producing a children’s musical called Heard it from The Great Vine at the church they were attending at the time. 2009, however, marked the first time they would write, direct and produce a show independently.

It started with an idea. “What do you think of bringing some of everyone’s favorite Christmas characters together?” asked Rachel. “Maybe Christmas has disappeared and they have to find it.” Russ loved the idea and suggested, “Why don’t they search for Christmas in a time machine.” And so The Search for Christmas was born. The show was cast, a crew was formed and the band came together.  By God’s grace it came together rather quickly and Lighthouse Productions has been moving forward ever since.

  • December 2013 - Lighthouse steps out in faith and offers The Search for Christmas completely free of charge at Searchlight Church in Long Branch, NJ

  • June 2014 - Ransomed is presented in Long Branch with a ton of new faces on stage and a fresh orchestra

  • December 2014 - Time for a Miracle makes its debut in Long Branch to 6 packed houses!

  • December 2015- Time for a Miracle returned for the 2nd year at the Parish Center of the Church of the Precious Blood in Monmouth Beach, NJ!

  • April 2016: Running Through the Fire returned to the stage and showed to packed houses.

  • December 2016: The Search for Christmas got revamped, and the cast and band performed to packed houses every show! Our kids ROCKED!